Commentaries by Walter Ness
An observer of life's many ironies.


In Search of One Honest and Virtuous Person

Discomfort is an e-mail from the unconscious and even your favorite comfort chair can become a torture chamber till the message gets through all the layers of life's distractions.

When it finally dawned on me that in these times of excessive and conflicting news stories, an opinion of an honest and virtuous person is needed to offer some hopeful vision for humanity, I exchanged my robe for an outdoor outfit to find such an individual.

With hat on head, and dressed warmly, I geared myself to find one honest and virtuous person. I took with me on this journey, my favorite walking cane.   A cane for walking has at times been a part of my décor, yet this time I felt a need for it, lest upon finding what I sought I might feint with the shock of such a meeting.  I walked no further than one block from my house, only to turn around and return to my dwelling place.   I removed my hat and jacket. I took off my shoes and replaced them with comfortable sandals.

As I sat down and placed my back into the firm support of my comfort chair, I contemplated on my dilemma.   If I could not look in the mirror and find what I was looking for then mine is truly a hopeless task.

Prisons were not created to cage people in, clocks were.

Walter Ness

What's in a Word

It is difficult to place the value on a word. God gave us the word and its value is in the Biblical proportions.  

New words show up daily and only time will show their endurance and value to human expression.   Enron now has provided a needed definition of human behavior that has long endured and been overlooked in the lexicon.   Irony, as mentioned in the sayings of the Ancient Brotherhood of Moe, is defined as "getting what you always wanted on the day you decided you no longer need it."   "En-rony" can now be described as, "Getting shafted when you least expect it."

I personally found myself using "enronic," a derivative of "enrony," during a conversation with a gentleman who said, "I can take your money and increase it tenfold."   Being trusting of my fellow human beings, I believed him when he said he was willing to take my money;   however the increasing of my profits tenfold seemed like a road toward an enronic situation.

News organization are doing us a great disservice by mentioning that billions of dollars were lost to workers while millions were gifted to the executives of Enron. Why mention only the carrot which mesmerizes with its appeal and not the stick that was used to break the rather large piggy banks of the workers of Enron?   When considering the actions of the corporate executives, who on countless times reward themselves at what appears to be expense of others, I am reminded of the action of a flasher who stands by a corner and opens up his raincoat to show off what nobody wants to look at.

The flasher will tell you he knows that what he is doing is wrong;   he knows he is doing something indecent;   yet when asked why he does not stop, he replies, "What, and give up show business!"   The word "enrony" has now been brought into public attention enough to be placed in the dictionary -- an honorary position created by not so decent circumstances.

I've had the pleasure of meeting individuals who love politicians!   As long as the politicians pay them for it -- after all, it is a professional relationship.

Walter Ness

Medical Science Advances Upon Us

It is the claims of medical science on our credibility that causes the most stress between the public and the insurance and medical bills they have to pay.   It has been stated that with the use of DNA they will be able to discover all the diseases that your body is susceptible to and create medication to make sure that you will never catch them.   And when you finally die it will be for no apparent reason.

I went to see a therapist.  
She said to me, "Tell me your problems."
I said back to her, "Why, don't you have enough of your own?"

Walter Ness

A neighbor put his mattress out on the porch, which caused everyone to get angry as it made the place look junky. He proudly stood his ground and refused to move it even as others got more and more upset at him. I believe that all human beings can be reached with proper communication. I went over, looked at the mattress, looked at him and said, “How wonderful of you to leave a scratching post for the neighborhood cats.” A few seconds after the idea worked it’s way into his brain the mattress disappeared from the porch.