Sharing Laughter Stories


My daughter and I were sitting on the front porch one afternoon, relaxing when all of a sudden a bee came flying by, well I said just relax it'll go away .. it did go away.. I was going in the house for a drink when she asks.."Mom make sure theres no bees by the door, because of course she's following me in the house because for some reason she has a silly fear of bees,,,, so I was looking up above the door when all of a sudden I got a bang in the back of my head, I didn't know what hit me.. it was my daughter running in the house because another of those mean nasty bees came along...Well she kind of pushed me out of the way and AFTER ALREADY BANGING MY HEAD SO HARD I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT HIT ME... went running by me before I even knew what hit me and she ended up in the kitchen,,while I'm still trying to figure out what the heck happened I looked up finally and she's rubbing her forehead and i'm rubbing the back of my head still trying to figure what happened.I figured it out when I saw her face that she had saw another of those furcious little insects and we started howling.. laughing soooooooo hard.. I was almost no kidding knocked out because of a bee. ahhhhhhaaa

recieved Sunday, May 14, 2006