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Humor Can Increase Hope, Research Shows

The experience of humor can positively influence a person's state of hopefulness, says Texas A&M psychologist David H. Rosen who, along with colleagues Alexander P. Vilaythong, Randolph C. Arnau and Nathan Mascaro, studied nearly 200 subjects ranging in age from 18 to 42.

As part of the study, which appeared in the International Journal of Humor Research, select participants viewed a 15-minute comedy video.  Those that viewed the video had statistically significant increases in their scores for hopefulness after watching it as compared with those that did not view the video, Rosen notes.

The finding, he says, is important because it underscores how humor can be a legitimate strategy for relieving stress and maintaining a general sense of well-being while increasing a person's hope.  Previous studies have found that as high as 94 percent of people deem lightheartedness as a necessary factor in dealing with difficulties associated with stressful life events, he says.

Rosen says humor may competitively inhibit negative thoughts with positive ones, and in so doing, foster hope in people.  Positive emotions, such as those arising from experiencing humor, can stimulate thought and prompt people to discard automatic behavioral responses and pursue more creative paths of thought and action, he explains.

Such a process, Rosen says, could lead to a person experiencing a greater sense of self-worth when dealing with specific problems or stressful events.  He says these positive emotions could, in turn, lead to an increase in a person's ability to develop a "plan of attack" for a specific problem as well as increase a person's perceived ability to overcome obstacles in dealing with that problem - two aspects that psychologists believe comprise hope.

To see the rest of the article go to www.tamu.org

Generic Astrology

Having a bad day with the influence of the stars for all you do?  Here's something for you.  Just choose the reading you like, put your sign next to it, and plug it into your life as if it was a mantra.

Your sign is _____________________
You finally get your chance to be different and not run with the herd.  Just keep in mind that differences may be the spice of life but some spices are easier to swallow than others.

Your sign is _____________________
You'l turn in a brilliant and outstanding performance at the next meeting.  However, soon a new job will show you where you will be appreciated for your talent and not your acting.

Your sign is _____________________
What will transpire over the next week in some ways relates to events which took place in the last couple of month.  If you find yourself not knowing what's happening now, it's because you didn't understand what was happening then.  Clarity always follows confusion.

Your sign is _____________________
The current planetary alignment will give you a chance to realize why your trust is often misplaced and that your problem is one of judgment.  You see greater potential in others than they see in themselves.

Your sign is _____________________
Be prepared to play the waiting game.  Tomorrow won't show up any faster than yesterday left.  Taking deep breaths will help you relax.

Your sign is _____________________
Find ways to cause cooperation around you. Competition does not create good will.  When a fish gets eaten by a bigger fish, only one fish can feel happy.

Your sign is _____________________
Potential lover succumbs to romance after a good meal.  Food is still the best barometer for a successful relationship.  Someone who doesn't have enough time to enjoy a good meal won't have time to enjoy a fine romance.  Trust response of their stomach as well as your own heart.

Your sign is _____________________
Someone comes into your life because they want to and not because of any gimmicks you have to get them.  Adjustment is necessary to get used to being liked just for yourself.