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A patient being examined said to his doctor, "I believe animals have healing powers.   I had a cat.  Whenever I had a fever the cat would sleep on my chest
overnight and when I woke up in the morning the fever was gone."    A week later the same patient called the doctor in the middle of the night complaining, "I've got a headache, what should I do?"    The doctor said, "Take two cats and call me in the morning."
A man, sitting at a bar was crying over his drink and talking to himself, "She cheated on me!
I can't believe she cheated on me!"   The bartender, feeling sorry for the man, came by and offered his sympathy: "So your wife is cheating on you?"   The man looked up at the bartender and said, "Her too?"
His girlfriend was taking a long time getting dressed for a nudist weekend retreat.   Finally he yelled out, "What taking you so long?" She yelled back, "I got nothing to wear!"
Two friends were walking down the street. One of them instinctively scooped up a dime he saw lying on the sidewalk and gave it to his friend.
He said, "Whenever I find money on the street I give it to the person I'm walking with. If at this very minute I were to find a million dollars I would give it to you."   After walking a couple more steps, he looked up at the sky and said, "Go ahead God, test me!"
"Before I can marry you, you have to prove to me you know how to iron clothes," said the bachelor. "Of course I know how to iron clothes," she said.
"First you wash the clothes in the washing machine."   Her boyfriend shook his head up and down with pleasure that he liked what she was saying. "Then you dry them in the dryer." Again the boyfriend shook his head up and down with pleasure of what he was hearing. "Then you take the clothes to the nearest train station, throw the them on the rail and let a train run over them."
Never Seen Before, Anywhere
Hippies Digging Ditches!!!

When Animals Have Identity Crises

"Every night before I go to sleep, I put a check underneath my pillow with a note to the tooth fairy asking her to give me back my teeth."


I sneezed and a voice said, "Gesundheit!"    I miss religious people.   A religious person would have said, "Bless you!"   
Gesundheit!   What a waste of a good sneeze.