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Kermit as an adult and working for the Power of Positive Thinking


What Happens in a Laughter Club?

If they are new, the people who show up have uncertain looks on their faces. After all it is a new environment and it's natural not to be sure of what to expect.   The returning members are relaxed and excited at the same time.

While the laughter clubs advertise that no jokes are told, audacious statements during introductions are welcomed.  You say your name and something about yourself. "My name is Kneel, I'm a Catholic. They ask people to kneel a lot during church service."  Everyone laughs.

Unlike the Traveling Laughter Club which is a theater experience and everyone laughs while sitting in their chairs, a laughter club is a movement experience in a large enough room to accommodate all the members.  A humor exercise is shown by the laughter leader and everyone starts having fun moving and laughing.

Because the laughter is very aerobic the laughter leader signals the group to stop after a few minutes and gives everyone a chance to catch their breath.  If you laugh as hard as I do you appreciate the brief respite during this time period.  The laughter leader sets the pace and rhythm of the laugher experience.  

At the end of an hour of laughing, people are encouraged to stay and share their thoughts about what they found useful or beneficial.  This is a very exciting time, as you get to hear people share a wide range of life experience and observation.

A Personal Ad We'd Love to See

Brilliant man, looking for a brilliant woman.
Let's get together without blinding each other.

My Brother, a sibling rivalry

My brother prides himself on being an "A" student. 
Absent, Absent, Absent, Absent,
My brother says his word
is always good,
but he never says for what.
My brother doesn't like it
when I have invisible friends
because he can't figure out
how to take advantage of them.
I used to drive my brother crazy
by telling him that people
can spot his dark side
because he casts a shadow.
My brother says he's the answer to someone's prayers.
I say he's a problem for anyone who doesn't know how to pray.
My brother says he knows
all the secrets of the Universe,
yet knowing how to clean his room
will always be a mystery to him.