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Editor's Notes

The "Laughter Magazine" magazine had its humble beginnings as an advertising flier for the Traveling Laughter Club which was being showcased at Jimmy Tingle's OFFBROADWAY Theater.

I was passing a four-page flier on the subway. To let people know what I was passing out I made a one-page sign. People going by kept grabbing my advertising sign and getting upset when I told them, "This is just an ad!"

I decided that since people wanted the one-page sign so badly it had to be the front cover for a future magazine. That magazine is now a reality, showcasing published articles about the benefits of laughter by University Medical Center research groups, information about laughter clubs and original jokes, one liners and cartoons.

With each published magazine we hope to further increase the readers' scope of what laughter can do for you and where you can go to be with like-minded individuals who also love to laugh.

Walter Ness

Laughter Articles Inside

Laugh to Lose Weight
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What Happens in a Laughter Club
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Muscle Memory and Laughter
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Humor Can Increase Hope (
page 8)

Clowning Around in the Hospital
The Humor Cart (page 9)

Chakra Laughter
page 10

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Laughter Clubs
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All jokes and cartoon content are original material created by Walter Ness for your pleasure.


Introducing Mr. Excuse
Mr. Excuse agreed with his girlfriend, rather foolishly, to make the bed if he was the last one out of it.
The problem started when he realized he was always the last one out of bed.  One morning he got up and didn't feel like doing the same old morning routine.   His girlfriend, seeing the bed all messed up, ran to him and said plaintively, "But you promised to make the bed!"   To which he replied, "But I did make the bed. I made it just the way it is."


Two Irishmen, Donal and Kieran, went to America during the great potato famine. Once in America they got a modest apartment from some relatives.
Kieran decided to go for a walk and see what America was really like.   When he returned he said, "You would not be believing what I saw.  I came across a store that had chicken, fish of every variety, steak, lamb and other types of meat, canned food, packaged food, dried food, I've never seen anything like it."  Donal asked, "Did you happen to see any potatoes in that store?" Kieran, after thinking about it, said, "No I did not, I did not see any potatoes in that store."  Donal replied, "Looks like we'll be starving in America, too."


After thousands of years of medical research on various methods that assist healing of the physical body, the best find is still chicken soup.  It's made with love,
it's given with love and it's eaten with love.  That's why it works.  It's the ideal recipe, except for the chicken, which is an unwilling participant in the whole process.


This time the impossible got done easier than last time.

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