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Getting a cup of laughs at the Traveling Laughter Club
Chakra Laughter
The Laughter From Within
Walter Ness discovered a way to use chi-energy to stimulate the various chakras that would cause laughter to occur.

This technique is ideal for people who are sensitive enough to chi-energy to feel it as a tactile sensation.

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Chakras are energy centers in the body.  Traditionally, people use toning to balance their chakra centers.

The usage of chakra laughter works much differently than chakra toning.  The techniques in the chakra laughter exercises teach you how to use chi-energy to enter an individual chakra and stimulate it to create laughter.

Singers learn to change the tones of the sound they are creating depending on where in the body the sound comes from.  In a similar way, instead of using breath you use chi-energy to activate different chakras to affect and change the sound of the laughter coming out of your body.

Individuals who first start learning chakra laughter gag a lot, the sound resists coming out, they feel like they have something stuck in their throat.  In order for a person to create laughter using chi-energy to stimulate a chakra you have to totally relax into the experience.  If you try too hard the laughter becomes more demanding physically.

Chakra laughter training teaches you to energetically travel within your body and selectively create bursts of laughter.  Just like a singer creating sounds, your body becomes the instrument you wind up playing.

Extra Special Possibilities
Whimsical humor by Walter Ness

A woman went to see a psychic for advice on how to lose weight.  She went with a friend and while she went inside a tent for a reading her friend waited outside.  When she came out her friend asked, "What advice did the psychic give you?"  After taking a deep breath she said, "You're not going to believe this but the psychic told me that to lose weight I should go sell men."  It seemed like a crazy idea but she decided to do it.   Before long she had her own male escort business, which she also expanded to a modeling agency.   In a short period of time she was rich beyond belief.  As she and her friend were walking in the city they ran across the psychic that gave her the original advice.  The psychic seeing her asked, "And how's that fish diet I suggested for you?"

Two friends, Fred and Jim, were arguing about their past life experiences in Renaissance Italy. Jim said, "I used to be Leonardo DaVinci and I painted that picture of Mona Lisa!"   To which Fred replied, "You may have painted her picture, but I was the one who put a smile on her face."
Sharon was told that in England, chi-energy sensitive people are referred to as fairies.   While visiting London when someone asked her, "Are you one of them fairy people?" she would reply, "I'm one of them fairy nice people."
Whenever Ted was asked, "Are you a New Ager?"  He would reply, "I'm a middle ager." When pressed further he would elaborate, "I am reading books on spirituality, it's helped me to give up my fixation for junk food.  Now I eat only healthy food and I have healthy fat."


Life is short,
but only this lifetime

Walter Ness