This colorful, upbeat website was created by joke writer, comedian, and computer artist (and Somerville resident) Walter Ness, in collaboration with some of his humorous and witty friends.

It includes a variety of original fun material, from one-liners to lengthy playful stories with surprise endings (Small Jokes, Medium Jokes, and Large Jokes); from animated cartoons, to wry philosophical sayings from "The Ancient Brotherhood of Moe," to the interactive "Mr. Dictionary," where you and Mr. D match wits to come up with whimsical definitions for familiar words. The website emphasizes the element of surprise-you never know what will appear when you click on one of its many colorful links or icons.

Since Ness is also a psychic, many of his jokes and stories incorporate his experiences with ghosts, past lives, and other mystical phenomena; as well as his earthy observations on life in the work world, and the traumas of romance.

Ness decided to create this website when he realized how the graphics, animation, and interactive features of the Internet could enhance the impact of his humorous visions. He also wanted to offer a fun experience to the public. So he and his friends invite you to: Click on "" and enjoy!