When the webmaster of this website decided to find a joke translator (someone who explains why a joke you didn't get is funny), he hired the high-powered head hunting office of Santuccio, Pliezpastaromano and Fluffy. After much searching (by their standards), they discovered a humorist of almost worldwide unknown, known...or...not, as Glen G. Moran, whom they eventually persuaded to join the Joy of Kidding team. Despite his initial disinterest in this project, Glen has consented to give it his all, and is assured that his daughter will soon be released unharmed.

Glen's experience as a humorist includes time served in the Boston area comedy group "No Fun Intended", parodies of known and imaginary musical figures at a now defunct weekly open mic which was held once a week at a now equally defunct lounge, and a stint as a tongue-in-cheeked (or is it "tongued-in cheek"?) announcer at radio station W-U-M-B. His skill as a joke translator comes from many years of having to explain his own light-hearted comments to people. This is, however, a very ungratifying exercise timing insofar as is important to the successful delivery of the spoken joke.

Hopefully, you will not have need of his services, but if you do, please do not hesitate to contact the Joke Translator. Well, actually, hesitating does sometimes help; Glen has been told on a number of occasions, "I woke up at two o'clock in the morning and suddenly got that joke you told at seven in the evening, and I laughed for about an hour." And that's no joke.