Energy Theatre

Featuring Walter Ness as the director of the performance
and the Incomparable Metaphysician Linda Clave

Linda Clave will play a Tibetan singing bowl. During this performance she will direct the vibrations of the singing bowl toward volunteers who will experience ten to a hundred times more vibrational intensity of the energy. This experience will blow your socks off.

Side Effects

Expansion of Awareness, Seeing of Auras, Increased Body Senitivity
and percievable physical changes of the volunteers observable by the attandees.

Not to be missed!!!

What Linda does is scientifically impossible, but she will do it anyway.


Walter has turned the ancient mystical tradition of Body-Vibration into modern-day Performance Art. His ability to vibrate specific body parts will astound you. He demonstrated this art at: "SOMAKATOLIGON--Art-Mind-Body Physics" at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston; Zeitgeist Gallery in Cambridge; and at "Summerfest" in the Somerville Open Air Theatre.

"Walter performed his wild and crazy song, 'You Grab Me Like Crab Meat' six years ago, and people are still talking about it. They loved him!"
                                                      P. R. Summerfest Organizer

Waltler Ness and Linda Clave are dedicated chi-energy researchers.

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