Don was the fastest comeback, one liner, humorist that I ever knew. He greatly influenced my ability to develop similar comedic talent.
                                                              Walter Ness.

Favorite Story of Don and his comedy group, No Fun Intended:
Don Davis, Duane Reed and John Elton Floyd were doing their 2 hour comedy show at a Newton church. They had many dedicated fans. When the two hours were up they decided to keep on doing all their comedy skits, as they were video taping them. When the clock struck midnight, people were falling asleep in the church pews, some hung over like zombies. Their fans showed their dedication by not leaving.

Favorite Comedy Story:
Don would come up with quality humor but could not be convinced to write the jokes on paper, so without letting him know, I started writing the material down. When I had several pages, I waited a year and one day I handed the material to him. He could not stop laughing at everything he read.
He said, "This stuff is brilliant!"
I replied, "It should be, you wrote it."

Favorite Work Story:
I got him a job as an English teacher at COTC, Chinatown Occupational Training Center, which taught job skills to immigrants from China, Viet Nam, Poland, Czechoslovakia and other places. Don renamed the organization Cream Of The Crop. The first day he was on the job I heard our secretary, who never said anything about anybody, say, "He's so handsome!"

Don and I were roommates for a few years. It was at this time we that collaborated on a book of sayings called, "A Good Channel has no Commercial Interruptions."

He insisted that he be known only as the mysterious
Brother D, one of the members of the Brotherhood of Moe.
The Brotherhood of Moe was his creation.

One of his sayings that has been my favorite from that book:

You can't buy love,
but you can buy things to love.

Don and I worked together to put some of the material on the Joy of Kidding website. "Sayings from the Ancient Brotherhood of Moe"

The great thing about being friends with Don is that we had history. It wasn't just tea and coffee, it was real life situations that stick with you. When my girfriend wanted to do a series of "Conan the Barbarian" Don volunteered to play the threatening sorcerer.

Because we were doing the skit near a water reservoir the police showed up to find out what we were up to.

Don had a flair for words who's defenition he could easily manipulate. He would entertain people as Mr. Dictionary.

To see a sample of Don's word amazing word changing ability:
I want to match wits with Mr. Dictionay
I want to see the definitions for myself

Don considered me the extreme end of his spiritual interest as I am extremely chi energy sensitive. I would do readings for him on people he was curious about. He wanted to see how my readings came close to his views of the same people.

When Don had his motorcycle accident and I came to visit him in the hospital he was admitted to. I saw so much pain energy in the room that it actually felt pleasant. It was like seeing a room full of fireflies. It was all I could do not to show him how happy the experience was for me. I finally told him about it once his body healed from the experience.

Don loved motorcycles, cars, anime movies, Jackie Chen and Jet Li movies. He would carry video equipment and a sign that said GNN, Genergic Nightly News, which looked like CNN. This allowed him access to places where he met Jackie Chan and even interviewed Jet Li.

My fellow energy sensitive friends felt him on the other side and his friend John Floyd was there showing him how to get used to his new reality. It felt good to be aware of him on that level.