food for love

Romance entitles you to be appreciated
for the richness of your personality.
What you desire shows good taste;
what fulfills you shows good judgment.
The time in between
and fulfillment
should be a pleasure in itself.
A happy meal for lovers
is a small portion of food
and a big portion of each other.
A menu is like a lover 
when it shows endless possibilities 
for satisfaction.
Flowers compliment better than words
and get better results
than all the words in the dictionary.
Holding hands warms two people;
hands in pockets just warm pockets.
The fruit of labor
is the offspring of love.
Ordering a meal teaches you
to set limits
on what you consider acceptable.

All the sayings are from the book "Recipe for Lovers' Delight"

Copyright © 2002 by Walter Ness and Leyva

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