There are literally dozens of words in the English language, and nobody can possibly define or use them all in a sentence, EXCEPT ... 
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. quarrel:  a squirrel that lives in a quarry

. cutlass:  what you do when you want to be careful not to cut too much

. olive:  "Who would like some olives?"  "Olive some."   "How many would you like?"  "Olive them."   "How long do you plan on being so greedy?"   "For as long as olive."

. predator:  someone whose job it is to determine which thing pre-dates another

. ammonia:  "Ammonia twenty bucks, including this ten and the ten I borrowed last week."

. Milky Way:  the Tao of cow

. Bilious:  the Roman emperor who invented billiards

. newsprint:  the next short race

. skeleton key:  the key you use to lock and unlock the closet in which you keep your skeletons hidden

. tutu:  four

. parachute:  what you do with a paradise

. glum:  a once-popular adhesive made from gum and glue, from which we get the expression" ... held together with 'spit' and bubblegum"

. intestine:  "It is intestine people that we find out what they are capable of."

. autoharp:  a device cars used to warn other cars of their sudden or unseen presence. Eventually someone suggested that a horn might be more effective.

. utilitarian:  a member of a religious sect founded on the worship of kitchen utensils.

. underpass:  fail

. incense:  the quality which is present in insensitive people

. alternative:  someone born in a house of worship [alter native]

. meter:  "I'll see you later, I have to go meter."

. hide:  the opposite of load

. housewarming:  housewarming the locusts are today

. extensive:  no longer a multiple of ten

. repair:  what those do who sow air

. stearate:  a measure of how quickly a vehicle turns

. kinetic:  a large land mass which was cut to create the southernmost New England state

. propaganda: what a self-respecting goose dates

. anachronism: a popular saying which originates in eastern Ohio

. gibbon: the opposite of "taken"

. prevent: the hole you make in the ceiling before you put in the vent

. toast: the past tense of "toes"

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